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Alpha One Gen I Gear Replacement Parts

Gear Set 1.47

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Fits 1973 and newer I, R, MR, Alpha I drives. Gen II drives Serial Number 0K999999 and below.

Gear Set 1.62 HD

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SEI designed Heavy Duty gearset for 1.62/1.65:1 ratio Fits all Alpha, I, R, MR drives OK999999 and below

Mercruiser Alpha 1 Complete Gear Set 1.62

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This Meercruiser Alpha 1 Complete gear set, Fits Alpha 1, OF679999 and below Fits SE106 and SE116 Includes 3.500″ O.D. Forward

Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 1 Complete Gear Set 1.62, Counter Rotation

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Complete Gear Set Counter Rotation for Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 1 Replaces OE# 812975A5 + 824700A1