High-performance marine wiper systems are available for a wide range of applications. These wiper systems are meticulously designed to match the dimensions and specific clearing needs of the windows on marine vessels. When selecting the appropriate equipment, several critical factors should be considered. These factors encompass the type of vessel and the environmental conditions it will operate in, as well as the motor's mounting location and the style of wiper required. To ensure top-quality solutions, we have curated a selection of marine wiper systems from renowned manufacturers such as Roca, Exalto, and Decca. Our comprehensive range includes Pendulum, Pantograph, and Straight-line marine wiper systems, providing reliable solutions for various marine applications.

  • We provides pantograph and pendulum arms for wiper systems.
  • These arms come in different lengths and adjustable ranges.
  • Finish options include black or polished.
  • Additional features include washing jets and both fixed and adjustable tips.
  • We offers diverse marine wiper blades for various uses.
  • Suitable for both boats and vehicles.
  • Understand the mounting options: J-Hook-Slot, straight end, or bolt-through connectors for wiper arms.
  • We provides innovative wiper system switches and controls.
  • These options enable customization.
  • Features include intuitive switching, synchronized wiper control, and wash functionality.
  • We provides diverse wiper motors from three brands.
  • Suitable for various glass sizes and shapes.
  • Options range from small center consoles to container ships.
  • Available in DC & AC power, and can be internally or externally mounted.
Spare Parts
  • We stocks spare parts for wiper equipment.
  • Available parts include fasteners, springs, covers, rubber inserts, and more.
  • Suitable for Roca, Exalto, or Decca wiper systems.
Washing Systems
  • A washing system enhances wiper blade performance and longevity.
  • We offers washing jets, fittings, connectors, and tubing for a complete system.
  • Suitable for pressurized water or remote reservoir setups.

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W10/12 Standard Pendulum Arm, 19-24″, Fixed Tip,

(blister pack)
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W10/12 Standard Pendulum Arm, 12-17″, Fixed Tip,

(blister pack)
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W10/W12 Pantograph Arm, 18-24″, Black

(Blister Pack)
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W10/W12 Pantograph Arm. 13-18, Black

(Blister Pack)
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W10/W12 Pendulum Arm, 18-24″, Adj Tip

Black (Blister Pack)
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Standard Pendulum Arm, 19-24″, Fixed Tip

Standard Pendulum Arm, 19-24″, Fixed Tip
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W50 Pantograph Arm, 41-47″ (1041-1193mm)

SS, Black w/washing jet
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W38 Wiper Arm, 24-35″ (609-900mm)

SS, Black w/washing jet
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