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Guppy Seascooter

Get ready to have some splashin’ fun with the Nautica Guppy Seascooter! This amazing device is perfect for cruising around
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Marlin Seascooter

Introducing the Nautica Marlin Seascooter – the perfect playmate for kids! Designed specifically for children ages 8+ and adult supervision,
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Make a splash with the Nautica Skipper Seascooter – the perfect choice for family water fun! This versatile seascooter can
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Navigator Seascooter

Introducing the Nautica Navigator Seascooter – the ultimate playtime companion for kids! Designed specifically for children ages 8+ and adult
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Marine 200 Seascooter

The Marine 200 Seascooter is perfect for exploring the underwater world. Whether you’re a recreational diver or a snorkeling enthusiast,
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Marine 250 Seascooter

The Marine 250 Seascooter is the ultimate underwater companion, delivering the perfect balance of speed and endurance. With a top
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Marine 280 Seascooter

The Marine 280 Seascooter is a compact and efficient device, perfect for recreational diving and snorkeling. With a runtime of
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Marine 300 Seascooter

The Marine 300 Seascooter is a sleek and powerful device, designed to enhance your underwater dive experience. With a top
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NAVTEC 3 Seascooter

Effortlessly explore the underwater world with the Nautica Navtech 3. Equipped with a powerful Lithium-ion battery and two levels of
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Q-Class Seascooter

Introducing the Q-Class Seascooter, a revolutionary new watercraft that combines compact size with impressive power. With its innovative foldable design
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J Class Seascooter

Unleash your inner adventurer with the new Nautica J-Class Seascooter. Engineered for unparalleled performance and power, this cutting-edge device features
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NAVTEC 2 Seascooter

Experience the beauty of the underwater world with ease and grace aboard the Nautica Navtech 2 seascooter. With a top
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NAVTECH 1 Seascooter

Experience the pinnacle of seascooter technology with the Nautica Navtech 1. Its impressive 500-watt power output propels it through the
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