Lower Units

Mariners Warehouse's Lower units come with a three-year, fault-free warranty which means that the lower unit will be covered for any failure that requires the lower unit to be replaced or repaired. This is truly a remarkable warranty. Hit a rock, suck up some fishing line, drag the lower unit up the boat launch by mistake, it does not matter, the lower unit will be covered by SEI's fault-free warranty.


Introduction to Outboard Lower Units

Outboard lower units serve as the backbone of a boat's propulsion system, converting engine power into thrust beneath the waterline. Crafted from robust materials like aluminum or stainless steel, these units are engineered to withstand the rigors of marine environments.

Key Components and Functionality

Lower units house an array of essential gears, shafts, and bearings critical for optimal maneuverability and performance on the water. Their design and construction vary to accommodate different boat types and engine models.

Gear Ratio and Performance Optimization

A crucial aspect of lower units is their gear ratio, which dictates the speed and torque transmitted to the propeller. By adjusting gears, boaters can tailor performance for specific conditions such as high-speed cruising or towing.

Water Pump Assembly and Cooling Mechanism

Lower units feature a water pump assembly tasked with cooling the engine by drawing in water from the surrounding environment.

Most Popular Products

Yamaha 90 degree 150-200 HP

SKU: ST-90-416
Lower unit Yamaha 150-200 HP 90 degree Yamaha lower unit is a powerful and reliable brand-new lower unit. That replaces

Yamaha 76 degree 200-250 HP

SKU: ST-90-421
Yamaha lower unit 200-250 hp 76 degree Yamaha 250 lower unit is an industry-leading lower unit that easily replaces the

Yamaha 90 degree 150-200 HP Counter Rotation

SKU: ST-90-418
Yamaha counter rotating lower unit 150-200 hp 90 degree Yamaha counter rotating lower unit will perfectly replace your 90 Degree

Yamaha 76 degree V6 200-250 HP Counter Rotation

SKU: ST-90-428
Yamaha V6 lower unit counter rotation Yamaha V6 lower unit will ideally replace your 76 Degree V6 counter rotation lower

SE108 COUNTER ROTATING LOWER UNIT (Replaces Mercruiser Alpha One)

SKU: ST-90-108-02
Lower unit Mercruiser alpha one se108 𝐅𝐈𝐓𝐒 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇: Counter-rotating se108 lower unit Mercruiser alpha is an excellent outboard lower unit
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Yamaha 4 Stroke 115-130 HP

SKU: ST-90-405
The new Yamaha F115 In-Line Four is the lightest DOHC F115 four-stroke outboard on the water today and the next
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Outboard Lower Unit

Mariners Warehouse offers lower units with an exceptional three-year, fault-free warranty. This means that any failure requiring replacement or repair of the lower unit is fully covered.