Zipwake Series S is the world’s first affordable dynamic trim-control system featuring a cutting-edge family of robust, swift-acting interceptors. This fully automatic system offers substantial improvements in a boat’s performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety during acceleration, turning, or navigating in challenging sea conditions. The Series S product family includes a versatile range of interceptors, consisting of four straight, four V-shaped, two chine, and one intermediate interceptor.

Zipwake Series- S

Zipwake Series E

Series E comprises three straight, three tunnel, and two chine models of fast-acting interceptors. The Dynamic Trim Control System Series E is an advanced iteration of Series S, tailored for boats ranging from 50-100 ft. It boasts 3D controls and a large display, ensuring a helmsman's precise, user-friendly control over trim, heel, or heading. This automatic system greatly improves a boat's performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety.