Sleipner Side-Power Thrusters

Sleipner thrusters are the preferred choice among a majority of recreational OEM builders and are gaining traction in the commercial sector. The surge in popularity can be attributed to their exceptional reliability, user-friendly installation, and an unwavering commitment to continuous product enhancement. 

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DC electric thrusters

Experience precise control and reliable performance with Sleipner's DC electric thrusters, available through Imtra. These thrusters are engineered for efficiency and ease of installation, making them ideal for both recreational and commercial vessels. With advanced proportional control technology, Sleipner DC electric thrusters provide smooth and responsive operation, allowing captains to navigate confidently in tight quarters and adverse conditions.

Hydraulic Thrusters

Imtra offers a wide selection of hydraulic thrusters from Sleipner, providing robust and dependable propulsion solutions for marine applications. Sleipner hydraulic thrusters are renowned for their reliability and durability, making them a popular choice among boat builders and operators worldwide. Whether for bow or stern installations, these thrusters deliver powerful performance and precise control, enhancing maneuverability and safety on the water.

Parts & Upgrade Kits

Keep your Sleipner thruster system operating at peak performance with Imtra's comprehensive selection of parts and upgrade kits. From propellers and seals to controllers and wiring harnesses, Imtra offers everything you need to maintain and upgrade your thruster system. With genuine Sleipner parts and expert support from Imtra, you can ensure reliable operation and longevity for your thruster system.

Controls & Accessories

Imtra provides a variety of controls and accessories to enhance the functionality and convenience of your Sleipner thruster system. From intuitive joystick controls to wireless remote systems, Imtra offers a range of control options to suit your preferences and vessel requirements. Additionally, Imtra offers a selection of accessories such as thruster guards, extension cables, and mounting hardware to customize and optimize your thruster system for maximum performance and usability.

Bow and stern tunnels

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your Sleipner thruster system with Imtra's selection of bow and stern tunnels. These tunnels are designed to optimize the flow of water around the thruster propeller, maximizing thrust and minimizing drag for improved maneuverability and fuel efficiency. Available in various sizes and configurations, Sleipner bow and stern tunnels are compatible with a wide range of vessels, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your thruster system.

Sleipner Side-Power Boat Stabilizers

Sleipner's innovation, formerly Side-Power, leads to highly advanced boat stabilizers. Their unique programming centers the fin dynamically based on boat speed, achieving up to 40% greater efficiency. Ideal for recreational, yacht, and commercial use, Sleipner stabilizers feature low-profile actuators, advanced electronics, and minimal maintenance. They reduce rolling motion by up to 95%, enhance comfort, and lower fuel consumption. Begin with a questionnaire from Imtra for personalized guidance.

Sleipner Bow and Stern Thruster Systems


Even if your less into design and more into content

Control System

Even if your less into design and more into content


Even if your less into design and more into content


Top Trending Products

As boat builders, owners, and captains seek advanced technology to enhance vessel maneuverability and safety, Sleipner's Proportional DC Thruster Control emerges as a top choice. With its precision control, intuitive interface, and adaptive technology, this product sets the standard for thruster performance in the marine industry.

SE60/185S, 24V, Single Prop

132 lbs of Thrust
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SX100/185T 24V External Stern Thruster

100 kg (220 lbs), 185mm (7.3") tunnel
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SE50 Thruster 12v

SE50/140S Thruster 12V-50Kg/110lb Thrust
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SE25/110S, 12v

Single Prop 55lbs of Thrust
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SX35 Compact Stern Thruster, 12V 35KG Thrust

Fits transoms with up to 150MM thickness
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Grids, pair for 140mm Tunnel

for SX35/50
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SE80/185T, 12V, Twin Props

176 lbs of Thrust
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SE30/125S-IP, 12V, Single Prop

66 lbs of Thrust, Ignition Protected
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Mariners Warehouse offers lower units with an exceptional three-year, fault-free warranty. This means that any failure requiring replacement or repair of the lower unit is fully covered.

Make an informed decision with our comprehensive Sleipner Buyers Guide.