SEI Warranty

Is The SEI Warranty The Real Deal

When I first got into the marine supply business, I was only planning to offer lower units. If I would be bombarded by warranty claims and complaints, I was ready to drop this business like a bad habit.

To add to the enjoyment I get from helping people get their boats back on the water, was the reality that I have very few complaints about the number of lower units I sell. I recently had the chance to discuss this topic with a local Yamaha dealer, and the truth is…well, we sell a damn good product… I will leave it at that.

I must also point out that the folks at SEI are very good about expediting the warranty claim. They walk their talk in this department, and the units are actually very quickly repaired or replaced. After over 300 units sold, I have not had one issue. The warranty is the real deal!

Ricardo Diaz
Author: Ricardo Diaz