Lenco Trim Tabs

Dynamic trim tabs optimize vessel stability and performance. Effortlessly adjust boat pitch and roll for smoother rides and improved fuel efficiency, ensuring a controlled and enjoyable maritime experience.

Bennett Marine 12×9 Hydraulic Trim Tab System w/One Box Indication

Hydraulic trim tabs are known for power, precision, and durability. Get the most from your boat, no matter what the load, speed, or sea conditions. Using the helm control, you can adjust the tabs individually or in unison to create the perfect cruising attitude. Increase speed and fuel economy, smooth a rough ride, and get on plane faster.

Lenco Auto Glide Boat Leveling System f/ Single Actuator Tab Systems

The Auto Glide uses engine data and GPS data (depending on your installation method) to drive your boat to the most efficient running angle by adjusting your Lenco trim tabs as needed. This optimum running angle is determined during the set-up process after the installation of your Auto Glide system.