Mariners Warehouse brings state-of-the art aluminium folding bikes or aluminium framed folding bikes. We realized that trend of folding bikes is rapidly increasing, but many folding bicycles available in the market are built with steel frame that is very heavy compare to aluminium frame.

A folding bike is designed for compact storage and transportation. It is commonly used by those cyclists who have limited space for storage either at home or in workplace. People who generally choose different mode of commuting also choose such folding bikes for one part of their journey, while storing the bike quickly on a bus or train.

There are many types of folding bikes such as Aluminum folding bikeand various other bikes of such kind that have different mechanisms of folding. People choose a best folding bike depending on number of factors such as folding speed, size, weight, durability and speed. These cheap folding bikes provide environmentally friendly mode of transportation as they are powered by the cyclists own force and energy. By using these cycles a cyclist can also maintain a good exercise routine and a healthier lifestyle.

With their wide popularity and demand these folding bikes are available today at various offline and online markets. Thus a folding bike for sale can be ordered from either an offline or online store. Cycling regularly improves one’s physical health and specially improves stamina. Doing regular exercise by running these cycles overall improves endurance.

If you want to buy your first lightweight and quality folding bike then our aluminium folding bikes are what you are looking for. In this category you will find our top quality aluminium framed folding bicycles.

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