Airhead Kneeboard ?Magma? For Water Skiing

Airhead Magma Kneeboard is an ideal for all skill level riders to progress quickly to become expert water rider. It

Body Glove ?Manta? Water Ski Kneeboard

The Body Glove Manta is a great performing kneeboard. Patented thin profile and Hydro hook tow system. 3″ padded strap

Hydroslide ?Havoc? Kneeboard

? Patented ultra thin profile design and deep knee wells for ultimate control. ? Patented Hydrohook helps get every rider

Hydroslide ?Phantom? Kneeboard

? This parabolic shaped thin-profile kneeboard gives the rider an experience hotter than the boards graphics. ? Deep knee wells

Hydroslide ?Razorback? Kneeboard

? The parabolic Razorback kneeboard from Hydroslide has it all! ? 3 padded Shock strap, Patented Thin-Profile design, shift on

Hydroslide ?Revolution? Kneeboard

? A classic spoon shape that gives it a smooth, easy ride, without sacrificing any ?pop? off the wake. ?