Crusader 12V 120-Amp, Internally Regulated 3-Wire Hook-up 1″ mounting Foot with a 3-Hole Adjustment

10-Si Style Alternator1″ Mounting Foot, .5″ DiameterBolt Hole W/ 3-Hole Adjustment EarIgnition Projected SAE J11713-Wire Hook UpRed Wire Is For

Delco 10SI 12V 120-Amp 3-Wire Hook-up, can be used in many Applications where an Amperage Upgrade is

10-Si Style Alternator ForMarine Gasoline Engines.2″ Mounting FootIntegral RegulatorIgnition Protected SAEJ11713-Wire Hook-UpRed Wire Is For SensorBlack Wire Is For Excitation

Lehman, Perkins & Other Applications, 12V 75-Amp, Rplc Perkins #2871A602

Fits Lehman, Perkins & Others.Rplc. Perkins # 2871A602Rplc. Valeo # 2929580Rplc. Valeo/Motorola # 9Ar2958PSingle Groove PullyReplacement VoltageRegulator # VR037

Mercury 3.0L DFI 200-225 HP 12V 50-Amp Serpentine Pulley, Replaces Merc #828506

3.0L Dfi Engines 200/225 H.P.Rplc. Merc # 828506Ignition Protected SAEJ1171Includes Multi-GrooveSerpentine PulleyOE# 828506

Mercury 3.0L O/B 12V 50-Amp Serpentine Pulley, Replaces Merc #’s 881247A1, 875286A1, 889956 & 8M0066

Fits: Mercury O/B 3.0LRplc. Mercury #’s 881247A1,875286A1, 889956Delco #’s 19020704,19020707Internal FanIncludes Multi-GrooveSerpentine PulleyIgnition Protected SAEJ1171Arco# 20850OE# 8M0064020 Sierra# 18-6455

Mercury O/B 2.5L & Factory High Performance Mercruiser Engs. 12V 50-Amp Serpentine Pulley, Replaces

Fits: Mercury O/B 2.5L & MercruiserFactory Hi-Performance EnginesRplc. Mercury #’s 881248T02,875285T1, T2, T4, 889955T01Delco #’s 19020703 & 19020706Internal FanIncludes Multi-Groove4

Mercury O/B 3.0L 200-225 HP Carb & EFI 12V 50-Amp V-Groove Pulley, Replces Merc # 821663A1

3.0L Carb & EFI Engines 200/225 H.P.Rplc. Merc # 821663A1Ignition Protected SAEJ1171Includes Single Groove V-PulleyOE# 821663A1 Sierra# 18-6449

Mercury O/B Alternator 2001-2011 75-115 HP 12V 50-Amp 4-Groove Serpentine Pulley, Replaces Merc # 89

Replacement alternator used on 2001 2011 Mercury 75-115 HP Engines. This alternator is a 12 Volt, 50-amp alternator and comes

Mercury Racing O/B 2.5L EFI Offshore 12V 50-Amp Serpentine Pulley, Replaces Merc #’s 834832T & 85700

Fits Mercury O/B & Mercruiser FactoryHi Performance Engine 500EFI & 575SCIRplc. Merc #’s 857006A3, 857006T I,834832 TIgnition Protected SAEJ1171 2.5L