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Amita 4 R, 15″Pitch,Diameter 10, High Trust Propeller(3213-100-15)

Solas Amita 4 R, propeller offers 4 blade wide design for Increased static thrust for heavy loads & maneuverability. 15" Pitch, Diameter 10, Part# 3213-100-15

Amita 4R, High Thrust Propeller,11″Pitch,Diameter10.2(3213-102-11)

Amita 4R aluminum propeller for higher thrust & greater stern lift. This 4 blade prop is best for 4-stroke engine propellers. 11"Pitch,Diameter 10.2, Part#3213-102-11

Amita 4R, High Thrust Propeller,14″Pitch,Diameter10(3213-102-14)

Solas Amita 4 R is a high thrust propeller is designed for 4-stroke boat engines to support maneuvering with heavy loads. 14" Pitch, Diameter 10, Part#3213-102-14

Solas Amita 3 R, 13″ Pitch, Diameter 9.9, Aluminum Propeller

Solas Amita 3 R, aluminum propellers are manufactured by using Modern CAD, CAM and CAE technologies. Model:3211-099-13. 13" Pitch, Diameter 9.9