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Amita 4 L, High Thrust Propeller, 21″Pitch,Diameter 14(3514-140-21)

Solas Amita 4 L high thrust propellers are made to improve your boat performance ideal for heavy loads & maneuvering. 21" Pitch, Diameter 14, part#3514-140-21

Amita 4 R, Outboard Propeller,17″Pitch,Diameter14.5(3513-145-17)

Solas Amita 4 R outboard propeller is made with aluminum to offer durability and performance. 17" Pitch, Diameter 14.5, Part#3513-145-17

Amita 4 R,Aluminum Propeller,19″ Pitch,Diameter 14.25(3513-143-19)

Solas Amita 4 R, aluminum propeller is best replacement for your damaged prop & helps your boat to maneuver easily with heavy loads. part # 3513-143-19, diameter 14.25, pitch 19

Amita 4L, 17″ Pitch,Diameter 14.5,High Thrust Propeller(3514-145-17)

Solas Amita 4 L, aluminum boat propellers are high thrust propeller, offer great performance and best for 4-stroke engines. 17" Pitch, Diameter 14.5, Part No.3514-145-17

Amita 4L, 19″Pitch,Diameter14.25, High Thrust Propeller(3514-143-19)

Solas Amita 4 L, high thrust aluminum boat propeller is designed for boat exclusively for heavy loads & maneuvering. 19" Pitch, Diameter 14.25, Part#3514-143-19

Amita 4R, High Thrust Propeller,15″Pitch,Diameter14.75(3513-148-15)

For higher thrust to ensure better maneuvring, use Solas Amita 4 R aluminum boat propeller. 15" Pitch, Diameter 14.75, Part#3513-148-15